Creating a Breastfeeding Supportive Culture at Work (Watch Video)

This event took place on May 16, 2017. Watch Video.

To commemorate National Women’s Health Week and to honor breastfeeding mothers returning to work, please join us as we welcome Jessica Shortall, activist and author of Work.Pump.Repeat, for a presentation and Q&A discussion that will:

• Equip an expecting or new working mom with anxiety-reducing survival strategies
• Provide behind-the-scenes information for supervisors, managers and HR professionals: What is it really like to fit pumping breast milk into a workday? What kind of support do employees need?
• Present how a challenging workplace can make lactation support viable
• Show how partners/spouses of breastfeeding parents can be essential allies in normalizing and support
• Identify lactation support resources at UC San Francisco

After the talk, learn about resources from the UC San Francisco Lactation Accommodation Program and UCSF Women's Health Resource Center.

Sponsored by the UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women's Health, the Committee on the Status of Women, the Committee on Family Services, and Campus Life Services.

About Jessica
Jessica Shortall is a global social entrepreneur and innovator focused on the place where business and social good meet. She is a vocal advocate for working parents and an expert on the realities of workplace breastfeeding and pumping. She is known for challenging her audiences to look at old problems with fresh eyes, and to reconsider their own potential to make a difference.

Jessica draws on her global experiences in the non-profit, start-up, and corporate worlds for a rich repository of stories and lessons that are, at turns, funny, surprising, and thought-provoking. Her straightforward and brazenly honest style puts audiences at ease and invites them to learn and be inspired with her, instead of by her. But she is not content with being “inspiring”; her mission is to equip people and organizations with the tools to be great at changing the world – and changing themselves in the process. Jessica recently received two standing ovations, as the 2017 SXSW Conference keynote speaker.